Saturday, 9 May 2009

work 08/09

Here is just a small sample of some of my work from this academic year...
Excuse the poor quality of the above image - had a little difficulty resizing it for the web so it doesn't exactly do it justice. This was a uni project where I was asked to launch a book entitled '8 Things You Didn't Know About...' with one side being a promotional poster, and the other a broadsheet on a specific subject of our choice. I chose Lighthouses, naturally. Wouldn't you rush out to the shops to buy this book after seeing that...

This is a video I made for the O2 brief in this years YCN student awards. I have never used Final Cut before (can you tell?!) so found it quite difficult initially but got there in the end...I think. This was only part of my concept - I also had an online viral campaign which was similar to re-enforce the television commercial, and a direct mailout (shown below). The direct mail piece, once opened contains two friendship bracelets and two free o2 sim cards to share with friends or family. The bracelets are made from the same blue wool and thread that is used in the television advertisement, again to maintain continuity throughout the campaign. The bracelet is not only a symbolic gesture which further represents o2’s emphasis on human connection, but also acts as another means of promoting the o2 campaign.

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